Leadership Coaching

Great leadership demands self-awareness and authenticity.

Coaching provides the clarity and self-awareness necessary to help you be the best version of yourself as an executive, leader and whole person.  It works best when two factors are present:  You are willing to grow, and there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Individual executive leadership coaching involves one-on-one sessions customized to focus on your unique challenges and support significant growth of your individual leadership. We’ll link your organization’s strategy and your performance goals to focus on outcomes that will provide the biggest impact.

Here are some of the outcomes you can expect from a coaching engagement:

    • Increased self-awareness around strengths and limiting areas
    • More confidence and presence
    • Improved ability to communicate and influence
    • Greater ability to manage stress and priorities
    • Strategies for leading and growing direct reports
    • Clarity around leading in challenging situations
    • Improved decision making
    • Increased Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Researchers and business experts agree that Emotional Intelligence is a key factor in predicting leadership success.  Studies have shown that IQ, or cognitive intelligence, is a small predictor of success in a job.  Yet research continues to show a direct link between high performing leaders and high emotional intelligence.  Our Emotional Intelligence relates to how we respond to challenges, make decisions, manage stress, navigate through change, and build relationships – all key leadership skills.

To assist leaders’ growth in this area, Superior Insight utilizes the EQ-i 2.0 Leadership Assessment, the first scientifically validated EI tool in the world.   This report provides insight into the key leadership dimensions of authenticity, coaching, insight and innovation. High scores in these areas have been linked to high productivity, decreased employee turnover, increased efficiency, higher work satisfaction, trust, and organizational loyalty. 

In both a coaching and workshop setting, Superior Insight helps leaders become more aware of how to utilize their areas of strength, develop areas that are limiting them, and lead with emotional intelligence.


Russ B.

CEO, APi Group

Monica has been a tremendous asset to me as an individual leader.  She has helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses and how I can connect more effectively with the people I work closely with.  We are all unique in our approach and understanding more effectively how each individual responds to feedback is essential if we are going to be our best.  In addition, her work with our company leaders around emotional intelligence has been fascinating and  informative.  It has aided us greatly in our interactions with those leaders as well as succession planning for our future.  She has been awesome to work with.

Mike H.

President, Qualitech

I started working with Monica unsure of my future, where I should go, and why. One year later, I had taken on new responsibilities, had better relationships with my coworkers, and was more engaged than ever. She was able to guide me through a process of exploration which has given me tremendous clarity about myself and my leadership style. With a mixture of caring, compassion, and stern motivation, Monica ensured that I was completely honest and thorough throughout this journey. Without her guidance I would not be where I am today.

Jill W.

COO, Fourteen Foods

Monica is not only brilliant in her ways, but she has a passion for people and for helping others get the best out of themselves.

My team was so grateful and thankful for her expertise and left understanding themselves and others better.

Paul G.

CLO, APi Group

Monica has coached a significant number our leaders over the last two years. In that time she has been instrumental in helping our leaders understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence and its impact on their individual leadership effectiveness.  I see her impact in the way our leaders have become more self-aware, and consequently more effective.

Charlie B.

CEO, Range Systems

I started coaching with Monica during a very difficult stretch of my career. As a result of my work with Monica, I now have a much clearer understanding of my true strengths. Knowledge and insight gained from working through Monica’s process has helped me to craft a role, in my own company, that I enjoy and am naturally good at. It’s fun to go to work again and this is reflected in the company’s results.

Gene A.

President, InHarvest

Before I started working with Monica, I felt unable to lead our organization effectively as it felt like I was catching up, not leading. Through the coaching process I have made progress in both understanding the individual members of my team, as well as restructuring our organizational chart. I feel I am a better leader as now I spend less time reacting and more time working on key strategic issues.

Blaire G.

Business Owner

My life was out of balance and I felt “stuck”. Working with Monica helped me to better understand my natural talents and how to use them to my advantage in both my career and personal life. Monica’s insight gave me the courage to successfully pursue my dream of becoming a business owner…my only regret is that I didn’t meet Monica years ago!